When we look at the side of a building, we see a canvas.

“3D Projection mapping creates an immersive viewing experience to help you make a lasting impression.

So what is projection mapping?  Powerful projectors are used to create a moving image overlay on the surface of an object.  You can project on numerous surfaces (not just buildings), and the options truly are limitless.”

We bring the right team, technology, and creative genius to make all your projection mapping dreams come true.  So let your imagination soar.  We can help you develop a projection mapping concept from start to finish for your next event.


 Architectural Video Mapping

Video shows and video design of buildings, houses, architecture. The MANDRAKE STUDIOS Company is engaged in video projection shows since 2013. For the present day, our clients are global commercial brands, government organizations and show business agents. Architectural video projection is the best choice for holiday, promotions or light design of the building. 3D-projection on buildings allows us to pass the colorful phantasmagoria in key messages of your ideas. Contact us and we will develop a suitable concept for you.

Interior Video Mapping



Interior video projections – is the best way for the decoration of places. This is the best option for event agencies, which engaging the decorations and decorated the event places. Clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, convention halls. To achieve the targeted effect, we offer our clients to cover the 360 square degrees of the interior. Panoramic video mapping can decorate, close all the disadvantages of the interior, and also under he well-designed video content, it can pay attention to the key benefits or messages, to the zone of influence on the public.

Objects Video Mapping

IMG_1866     IMG_3280

The technology, which is used massively by advertising agencies to launch new products to the market. Under the category of objects enter cars, mannequins, objects of complex shapes. Our Company has created firstly in the world a test video mapping on a mannequin, which showed the possibility of using object projections in the commercial, scientific, or medical direction.

Full Dome Projections

Full house or dome projections are widely used in planetariums, theater performances and other installations. The technology is financially costly but with smart approach it is possible to achieve amazing results. Fool House projections will also be interested to agencies, which organize events, and also for advertising and creative companies. Our team will help you to change the perception and set the direction in the trend of your customers.