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Technology is our statement

Lukas first hatched the concept of Mandrake Studios LLC.  in mid 2015 based on a growing gap between the creative and technical teams of major productions. With the increasing complexity of media production, especially when it came to 3D workflows and media servers, there was a severe knowledge gap between content creators and equipment vendors.

We have successfully bridged this gap thanks to a fundamental understanding of both sides of the equation; by bringing our unique approach and formidable skill set to consult, support, and create for some of the world’s top musical talent and largest companies, we have developed our reputation as creators, screens producers, and forward-thinking technologists.

Along the way, we noticed a surprising pattern: no matter who we work with, and no matter what the project, the artistic vision is rarely carried through to reality. By becoming tireless advocates of the creative heart of the project, we are able to offer technical design insights that ride the fine line between artistic idealism and production reality

Now, given the veritable onslaught of new technologies in the experiential space, we have set out to ask (and hopefully answer) the big questions about the future of the entertainment experience: How will new technologies change the way we interact and communicate? How can we tell compelling stories that distill complex subjects down to their fundamentals, yet deliver that message in a consumable way? What does “live” even mean in a world that is increasingly “on-demand”?

We are proud of each of our Projects

Every time we show, that we value our customers and respect our partners by thinking wider, acting locally and doing our work responsibly and with pleasure.
Let our projects tell more about us.


Our Team


Founder - Director of Technology

Lukas Sarralde

An Entrepreneur by nature. Lukas embarked on his first business venture at the age of twenty six in broadcasting, directing, editing, and later after his 3D Animation & VFX degree from Academy of Art University in San Francisco have worked on major VFX feature films. Lukas have spent his several years mastering the Projection Mapping Art, working on live events with artist as Jlo, 30 Seconds to Mars, Ricky Martin, Kat Von D, corporate shows, festivals and currently developing new Live Events solutions for Real - Time Tracking Object Systems from screens, actors, cameras and data capture utilizing new technologies.



co - founder - Director of sales and business development

Khaled Nasr

An Experienced Entrepreneur with several years in business development in diverse industries. Possess an expertise in business operations with an exceptional background, strong initiative in penetrating new territories, technically knowledgeable and highly motivated in acquiring new concepts. Previously, work in Orlando, Florida USA in the Promotion, Sales and Advertising Field, while developing franchisee for the distribution agreement where his contagious charisma paired with the ability to work well varying personality types allowed him to to excel to higher level.